Blue Mountain Addictions Program
2100 Main St., Baker City, Oregon 541-523-8364

Blue Mountain Addictions Program offers outpatient treatment services for adolescents and adults requiring a less intensive level of care for their alcohol and drug abuse problems. Begun in the early 1970's, outpatient treatment quickly became a mainstay of the continuum of services provided by New Directions Northwest Inc. Services at Blue Mountain begin with an assessment to determine the extent of the alcohol and/or drug problem and what level of care would be appropriate. Once the level of care is established, the client is placed in the level of care that will most fit their individual needs.

In addition, Blue Mountain provides the State requirements for DUI/MIP education and treatment. Blue Mountain also provides DVIP groups, relapse prevention groups, family counseling, parenting and anger management classes.

For referral information, please call (541)523-8364.

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Baker Women’s Transition House
Baker City, Oregon 541-523-8364

Established in 1997, Baker Transition House is located in a family sized home providing safe, alcohol and drug free housing for up to 4 women and their children. It is the intent of the Transition House to provide a bridge from treatment to the community for those who are in need of a safe recovery environment. This allows the women to complete their alcohol and drug treatment in an outpatient facility while they are also benefiting from wrap-around services that the local community offers.

For referral information, please call (541)523-8364.n


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