Elkhorn Adolescent Treatment Center

For Admission into the EATC program call 541-523-8320 and ask for Intake Coordinator  or Program Manager.            elkhorn1

For the past twenty-five years thousands of kids have come to Elkhorn Adolescent Treatment Center (EATC) for their Drug and Alcohol solutions.   Our EATC facility has two wings that can house 12 on each wing totally 24 clients.  Typically, there are two youth per room, and one large bathroom on each of the units.  There is a muti-purpose room, Group rooms, dining area and a big back yard for extracurricular activity.  The School is located within the facility where each client has access to their own computer.  Although this facility is not a lock down facility we do have an extensive camera and alarm system to monitor the safety of our clients.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist and empower individuals, on their journey of sobriety by providing a safe and supportive environment that treats all people with respect and dignity. Our goal is to change lives one at a time through modeling, educating and supporting individuals on their road to recovery.

EATC Philosophy

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease that is progressive and affects all areas of a person’s life and often co-occurs with problems like depression, anxiety and trauma.  It can affect anyone, particularly children.  EATC provides a special approach and is sensitive to the unique needs of our adolescents suffering from alcohol and drug dependency.  EATC stresses the changes in thinking and behavior that come from acceptance of personal responsibility for one’s own recovery.  Areas worked on include education about alcoholism and addiction, identifying how their use has an affect on all aspects of life, finding ways to repair some of the damage, discovering ways to remain clean and sober to stop the cycle of addiction, and minimize future effects from abuse.  We believe that our Adolescent Program is most effective especially when extended family participates in the treatment and recovery process.  Family Involvement is highly encouraged throughout treatment for each individual.  We encourage you to visit, support, and encourage your loved one in order to stop the cycle of the lifelong effects of addiction.


Today, EATC continues to be one of the leaders in helping youth find their way.  We recognize the current struggles that teens face today. We also understand that their Mental Health needs can play a huge role in their drug and alcohol abuse. It is because of these concerns that our agency has researched the latest co-occurring studies and implemented them into their individualized treatment.

The following are behaviors that are typically addressed here at EATC. If you have noticed any of these behaviors in your 14 to 17 year old child we encourage you to please call us to see how we can help.

  • Using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis
  • Lying to, being unreceptive, or avoiding others
  • Legal problems
  • Having feelings of hopelessness, depression, and/or suicidal thoughts
  • Constant anger outburst and/or arguing
  • Trouble concentrating in school and/or poor academics
  • Giving up on certain activities such as sports, hobbies, or social events that they may have once enjoyed doing
  • A history of physical and/or sexual abuse


As stated earlier, we believe individualized treatment works best to address the needs of the client.  Individual Counseling, groups, and when authorized Mental Health Therapy.  This program offers co-occurring services based upon the individual needs of the client when and authorized by the payer source.

Groups Offered

Family Dynamics, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Self-Esteem, Moral Reconation Therapy, Boundaries, Team Building, Seeking Safety, Social Group, Relapse Prevention, Health & Wellness,  AA/NA, 12 Step, Anger Awareness/Management, Alcohol and Drug Education, Basic Living Skills, Domestic Violence, Trauma, Cognitive Distortion, and Thinking errors /Truthought.


Adolescents that go to EATC for treatment will continue to attend school onsite.  The Baker County School District is in partnership with NDN to provide their education.  Our teacher  has a Master’s of Science in Education with a K-12 Special Education endorsement.    Many of our adolescents have obtained their High School Diploma, GED, or made up many of their credits while in treatment.

Religious Services

We recognize the benefit in believing in a higher power as a part of successful recovery. Whenever a client has a desire to attend a church service within the community we make every effort to assist them with arrangements.


EATC is known for providing activities that incorporate team building and social learning.  Youth are taken to our local gym where they focus on health and wellness and positive activity for leisure time.  The youth also provide service projects to the community to learn how to give back and to be a part of community living.  Some of the activities that we enjoy include, hiking, camping, sledding, volleyball, basketball, baseball, fishing, swimming, and picnics.  Many activities are built around practicing social skills and effective communication.


“It makes my heart happy to know I’m staying clean and going places… Elkhorn changed my life!”     Ashley M.

“My time at EATC has taught me how to become happy and to do well. Life lessons were learned every day.”     Ryan W.

“EATC has saved my child’s life!  Thank you to the best staff and for helping our family”  Bill S.

As required  by law for all programs in Oregon we are “Smoke Free”.

Please call for help at 541-523-8320.  For Referrals or Intake, please call 541-406-4999.